Friday, August 19, 2005

Martha Stewart Taglines

Very funny blog at SayUncle. They're looking for taglines for Martha Stewart to use in her show. I just cracked up on the second one.
  • Why don’t you just knit yourself a nice little doily that says Shut the Hell Up.
  • Mmmmm, tasty soul of the unbeliever
  • If I were still in prison, you’d be my bitch.
  • It beats house arrest.
  • How about a nice little you-suck-ass-themed flower arrangement for the centerpiece?
  • You’re getting short-sold.
  • I got sent to prison for lying about a crime the government couldn’t prove I committed. And you want to talk to me about tough breaks?
  • Time to tidy up
  • pwn3d

  • 1 comment:

    Granted said...

    1-3 are funny. 4-5, eh. 6 on are just stupid and should be deleted.