Saturday, August 27, 2005

Quills Awards

Book awards on TV... Based on this article in the globe, since this will be mainly best sellers the show can't possibly introduce new, different, or interesting authors or books to those who are already into books. That's what C-Span2 on weekends is for. I love my BookTV.
But anyway, back to the Quills show. Have they seen what authors look like? Apparently they have because Al Roker and John Stewart are advertised to be on the show. I thought it was about books, not television personalities. But this is all about expanding the book market:

That's where the Quills come in. The FAQ page on the website describes the award as ''a prestigious well-branded consumer selection of a title that adds marketing value to the title and author."

It looks like JK Rowling is going to take the first prize for the new Harry Potter book. I'm going to swing by the website and try to skew the voting slightly.

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