Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kansas IDiots

Ok, maybe a bit strong, but when you hold hearing where only one side testifies and then draw conclusions, I would say the results aren't very logical.
The State Board of Education has approved the latest draft of science standards that include greater criticism of evolution.

The board approved the draft on Tuesday by a vote to 6 to 4. It then voted to send it to be reviewed by outside academics. The board is expected to give its final approval in October.

The draft says the board is not advocating the teaching of "intelligent design," which contends that some features of the natural world are best explained by an intelligent creator, not evolution. But the language favored by the board does come from advocates of intelligent design.

Tell me that isn't a bit of foolishness.
Kathy Martin, the newest board member and a former science teacher, said that opponents of the draft were overreacting and that Kansas was not going to lose any jobs or technological advancements because evolution was given a critical eye.

"I hope you guys can realize it's not going to be the end of the world," Ms. Martin said. "I hope you will try to be more open-minded."

Yeah, more open-minded. Seems like they might want to try that hat on themselves. Not that anyone has ever shown religious whack jobs to be close minded.

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