Thursday, August 18, 2005

Marine Corps Special Forces

Fascinating article on experiments conducted in Iraq combining Marines with the SEAL teams. I wasn't aware the Marines didn't have a special forces contingent. I thought it was the Recon guys. Now it looks like they're going to build in a special forces unit with the Corps. While I do understand (and don't argue with) the idea that all Marines are just Marines, it does make sense to actually make a Marine Corps Special Forces unit with all that it entails.
Those things that you don't think through, Army & Navy special forces each have dependencies on other services for support, infrastructure and intel. So operations require lots of cross communication on an ad hoc basis. The Corps, something I've known forever, with the exception of some of it's ships (I served on a gator-freighter for a while) is a self-sustaining operation with it's own support, infrastructure, intel, and hell, procurement. Simply the elimination of ad hoc communication will increase the efficiency of the units. Add in the whole Gung Ho routine and it becomes a really bad day to be a Jihadist.
The Reporting War web site looks pretty interesting too.
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Nylarthotep said...

Well, Recon is for reconnsissance. They provide feet on the ground recon for all services. I had a friend that was in Recon and my understanding is that they get more training in a broad spectrum of combat and demolition fields. They don't get any additional incentive pay, so these are people doing it out of pride.

There is also Force Recon, which is a step up, but still a recon unit.

If the Marines are looking to make a team that has the equivalency of the SEALs or Rangers, I'd think they would rank up there with those other special ops units. More special forces units is a good thing from what I'm seeing of the world today.