Monday, August 15, 2005


Ok JACKASS' if you intend to bomb this blog with your moronic spam expect it to be deleted.

I'm pissed to say the least. You asshats think some rinkydink little blog that a couple people use to post news and comment is a billet for commerials, well you friggin' wrong.

I'll delete any spam that I see from now on. If you want to comment on the content fine, but as soon as you add a commercial advertisement its off. You want to link your non-commercial website, that's fine. But I don't make any money for this god-damn blog and I'll be screwed if I'm going to maintain a posting site for free loading ass-holes.

Got the point?

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Granted said...

You really need to stop repressing. Holding all those feelings inside can't possibly be good for you. Stop with these wish-washy responses and really let them know how you feel... I'll bring the ammo & beer.