Friday, August 19, 2005

Iraqi Minutement

That brilliant Michael Moore was right. The insurgents in Iraq are JUST LIKE our own minutemen, true patriots rising up against tyranny to spread democracy.

Gunmen seized three Sunni Arabs hanging posters urging people to vote in the constitutional referendum, drove them to a mosque and shot them dead Friday.

Just like when OUR mintuemen were fighting their own countrymen, kidnapping and murdering those who were trying to participate in their new gov... wait, er, what was I saying?

Oh, never mind.


Granted said...

Well, down south... They weren't exactly nice to each other during the Revolutionary War. However the worst things done were usually tar & feathering, which did kill a few people.

Just trying to be fair and MAN am I reaching.

geekwife said...

Just to be technical... do southerners count as minutemen?