Friday, August 19, 2005

More on Cindy Sheehan - She's driving Dems to the Right!

Well, at least one of them. This is a fun read.

I actually felt myself become a republican today. It was around 10am, when I read the latest update of the Cindy Sheehan saga in

Gotta love sentiments like that. Plus, he includes an interview with her in which she makes it clear she was against going into Afghanistan too. So this isn't about "Bush lied", it's about "I'm a leftie chickendove unable to stand up to the terrorists until they show up at my door, and I'm using my dead son to get some media mileage." Absolutely pathetic and despicable.

Hat tip to Nidanwife for pointing me to this.


Granted said...

Damn, they closed their comments section. That was great.

My own little democrat shot himself with one of those DANGEROUS guns we keep downstairs, on the morning of 9/11, but he'd been contemplating suicide for quite a while before that.

Granted said...

Oh, and NidanWife, is that who I think it is?

geekwife said...

AKA the tatooed lady? AKA mom-to-be? Yeah, it's who you're thinking of.