Saturday, August 27, 2005

Maureen Dowd

I know the world is filled with people wittier than me and better able to write than me. I just hate having my nose rubbed in it. This opening over at Instapunk on a great article on Maurren Dowd is one of those nose rubbing affairs that just aren't right. I'll bet I brew better beer than he does. There, now I feel better.

Like many people, I suppose, I used to read Maureen Dowd's columns and think, "What the hell is she talking about?" She makes references to current events, but the landscape is always rearranged in ways that make it oddly remote from reality, as if she were living in some alternate universe. At that point, I could have taken the wise course followed by thousands of other readers and simply shrugged, turned on my heel, and walked away. But there was something about her that gnawed at me, as if, contrary to superficial appearances, there really was a sentient human being lurking inside her delusionary world of mangled quotes and malicious mixed metaphors.

Read it all. Hell, read all of Instapunk, every day and then I won't have to link to him. In fact, why are you here at all. Stay over at a blog that's better written by wittier people (except for Nyarlathoteps posts of course, you have to stay here and read those).

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Nylarthotep said...

Yeah, just tell people to stay away. That will help. They don't come here already.

As for your writing, it's quite good when you have the time. Mine is better when I have the time as well. But, Who has that much time? I'd rather just get out a point and hope I don't become confusing in my rush to post.

I like Instpunk, but can't read them at work due to the censorship software that the company runs. Not that I have much time to read during lunch anyhow.

I also tend to avoid Dowdy discussion because she makes me bang my head on the desk.Her and a plethora of other uptight fools that for some reason are viewed as worth while.