Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Portsmouth and New London off the Base Closure List

I'm actually quite surprised that PNSY got off the list. I just didn't see that continuing on the books.
Overruling the Pentagon on two of its biggest requests, a commission reviewing base closings voted to keep open a shipyard and a submarine base in New England that military planners wanted to shut down.

The panel also spared three other major facilities, in Texas, California and Louisiana, against the Pentagon's wishes.

But it was New England that got arguably the biggest victories of the day: The commission voted to save two of the Navy's oldest facilities -- the Portsmouth shipyard at Kittery, Maine, and Submarine Base New London in Connecticut. Together, the bases are considered economic engines of their region and elected officials from Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut lobbied intently for months to save them.
But it's not a final deal.
The panel must send its final proposal to Bush by September 8. The president can accept the report or order the commission to make changes.
Well, we'll see.

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