Saturday, August 20, 2005

BTK Killer gets 10 Life Sentences

Ten life sentences.

Confessed Kansas serial killer Dennis Rader was sentenced on Thursday to 10 life sentences for a 17-year murder spree that Rader, a former church leader and dog catcher, said was driven by demons and sexual fantasies.

Sedgwick County District Court Judge Gregory Waller said the 60-year-old Rader will not be eligible for parole for at least 40 years because at least one murder qualified as "especially heinous."

Parole? Parole?

What am I missing here? What would justify the death penalty? Kansas has the death penalty.

If you can't find someone to do it, I'll volunteer. Hell, I'll even bring my own club.


Nidanwife said...

Gee, one murder was heinous? What were the others, just sort of mean?

I don't see the point in having a death penatly if you aren't going to apply it to people like him...

Granted said...

Zactly right.

See you in an hour.

geekwife said...

He was not eligible for the death penalty because there was no dealth penaly in Kansas at the time his crimes were committed. Or at least, he only confessed to (and they only tried him for) murders that happened before the death penalty was reinstated.

So by law, this is the most he could get. Be happy the judge made them consecutive, not concurrent. At least we know he will never again see the light of day as free man.

And sadly, according to a certain law student I know, the dealth penalty ends up costing the state far, far more than life in prison, due to the many appeals allowed. So while this isn't as satisfying as death would be, in the end it will serve justice with the least cost to society.

Nidanwife said...

Well, ok - at least there is a good reason he didn't get the death penatly - he wasn't elegible by law. And you're right - that he will never see the light of day again outside a prison yard is definitely a good thing. If a man like that was given the chance to walk free again I think I wouldn't have lost what faith I had left in the justice system.