Sunday, August 28, 2005

Iraq as the Boer War

Today seems to be the day to ignore Viet Nam (hallelujah) for a while and concentrate on other wars. First, Iraq is compared to the US Civil War (see the post below). Now it's compared to the Boer War. This is a much more interesting comparison. The article itself is one litany of doom for America. Our time is over. I remember when America's time was over in the 70's. Then our time was over in the 80's. It was definately over in the 90's. Now it's over in the 00's. Anyone else see a pattern. Oh, the article. They don't spend as much time developing the comparisons between the Boer conflict and Iraq as I would have liked, because you could see some parallels. Most of the time is spent on pointing out how badly everything is going for the US. A missed opportunity here. Maybe one of the real scholars over at HNN will pick up on this and develop it.

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Nylarthotep said...

Figures, the Guardian. Clap trap.

They lost me as soon as they pulled out the usual imperialism line.(Which makes you laugh when suddenly they pop out the description of the US being anti-colonialist.)

I even find it better when they start with the socio-economic troubles. Funny that. The US seems to have an economy that out does any other in the world and is now fully recovered from a recent issue. I suppose they would say that the UK didn't recover because of the world wars, but then the US was involved in them also and then was the primary force in the cold war. But hey, going to the full point of a comparison hasn't been a Guardian strength ever.

They then quote selectively from a gallop poll on the lack of support for sending in troops. They fail completely to mention that that same poll had a large majority stating we need to stay the course.

What would one expect from the Guardian, protector of utter rubbish.