Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Reasons to See the Boston Globe as Out of Touch

Here is a charming bit.

Denial can be more lethal than cigarettes.

That might explain, as well, why The New York Times managed to expend some 2,000 words on an obituary for Peter Jennings without ever mentioning that the ABC anchorman who also succumbed to lung cancer this week had been a smoker. Or why the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute failed to anticipate the outrage earlier this year when it appointed a tobacco industry executive to its board of trustees.

Hmm. Obituaries generally celebrate a persons life not the reason that they died.
And even though the BG believes all tobacco industry execs are evil incarnate, doesn't make it the truth. Some of those execs are very good managers and people.

So the article is thumping that dead and decayed horses cadaver on smoking. Must be a slow day. Nothing new to argue and more questioning on why it isn't illegal yet. More of the mommy state democratic clap-trap. You'd think these people could find something more important to discuss.

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