Monday, August 22, 2005

Joan Baez at Camp Casey

Can you hear that sound? That's my teeth grinding. Saying the name Joan Baez in my presence causes it. Even when I was a completely crunch granola tin-foil wearing moonbat (as close as i got to being one anyway), Joan Baez crawled up my spine. See, when she & her husband were out protesting the troops as part of their war in Viet Nam, my father was in a hospital recovering from a grenade wound. I'll never get out of my head the image of this rich little child or privilege protesting, not just against the war, but against those "baby killers." You know who they were right, the middle class and poor guys that didn't get deferments because Momsie & Daddems sent them off to college. Who did this swine think she was to attack those men. You're against the war? Fine. Protest the war. Leave the troops alone.
Luckily (unluckily?) the moonbats have learned that lesson anyway.
So, now Baez was at Camp Casey. As far as I'm concerned, this story has now jumped the shark. I heard a quote from her this morning on the radio that I tried to find online but couldn't. My (probably incorrect) recollection of it was this:

Like, it's like, the like glass, was you know like shattered. At the front of a, like, bus, by Michael Moore. And like, Cindy Sheehan like stepped through, you know.

Oooh, my teeth ache.

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