Sunday, August 28, 2005

Iraq as Spanish-American War

I had too look after seeing today's theme.
It's a bit old and from Salon, but on theme.

Once again we are led by a man whose presidency is adrift. Once again we have a country in deep economic hardship. Once again we have a compliant media that stands to benefit from war. (Ignore the caterwauling about the expense of covering war. War is the very best way to attract an audience and establish your brand.) And once again we have a war that seems to be conceived less in terms of policy than in terms of aesthetics.
In retrospect, Salon really was wrong.

I was surprised that there aren't any recent articles using the Spanish-American War theme.

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geekwife said...

I'm sorry, I started to read this, but I couldn't get past the lead in.

Forget WWII or Vietnam. The real comparison for an invasion of Iraq is the Spanish-American War, when an aimless U.S. presidency and a lazy media looked for redemption.

Aimless?? Of all the words I might pick to describe Bush's presidency, or all the words I might guess that those who hate him would pick, aimless would, never, ever come to mind. So it seems that the author has found an idea, and is squishing, tearing, disemboweling current events to make them fit his theory, and I just couldn't bring myself to wade in.

You're a better man than I, Nylar.