Friday, August 12, 2005

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Nope, no bias in our media. No sirree. These guys are all objective professionals who just want to get to the "truth."

Time and Newsweek both ran pictures of a tiny group holding signs protesting the John Roberts nomination outside the White House. Neither magazine identified the group as liberals, nor even mentioned MoveOn; you had to squint at the photos to make out the group's name on the protest signs.
Now, angry, Bush-hating Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and co-founder of "Gold Star Families for Peace" -- last glorified by ABC in January for protesting President Bush's "lavish" second inauguration -- is being celebrated again as she sits outside Bush's Texas ranch.

Can you imagine the networks ruining the Clinton vacation on Martha's Vineyard by making a big story out of a conservative protester there? I can't, because they didn't. In 1998, a few weeks after Clinton admitted sex with Monica Lewinsky, he went to his first partisan pep rally in Worcester, Mass. ABC and CBS did full stories, and the streets outside the hall were filled with protesters demanding Clinton resign, but ABC and CBS failed to interview them. Only Fox News brought up how a local Democratic city council member, Konstantina Lukes, refused to attend.

You know, the stuff about the media not mentioning that protestors are carrying signs doesn't bother me so much. Or the fact that their covering Cindy Sheehan. I can see where it just makes good copy, so they cover it, and these days I just expect them to be lazy, so I don't feel a lot of outrage (though I probably should) that they don't look into the groups the protestors are associated with. But the fact that there were hundreds of protestors against St. Bill in 1998 that were barely of interest to the MSM is extremely annoying to me.


Granted said...

Same-o, Same-o. Hardly shocking or upsetting. The only thing that burns me is the constant protestations of "We're not biased" despite every bit of evidence to the contrary.

geekwife said...

Because to admit they are biased would be like admitting they are unprofessional. After all, if you want bias, you can read a blog. But if you're looking for the truth, for a cold, hard look at all the facts, you have to read the REAL journalists.

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Oh, excuse me, my palms hit the keyboard while I was trying not to choke on my own vomit after typing that last sentence.

Granted said...

I see 6 comments. I get all jazzed. "Holy crap. Someone is reading this thing." SPAM. What a let down.