Friday, April 01, 2005

My Only Words on Schaivo

This article pretty much sums up my take on the whole situation. Again, the MSM have taken to putting the rabid dogs of both sides on the public eye and mostly what was heard was the vilification of one side or the other. We constantly heard lay people vilifying the professionals and some professionals, with no direct link to the case, vilifying other professionals.

And the Blogsphere proved a vast disappointment. More than a vast majority threw logic to the wind and just ran with rampant emotions. Always a good place to go. The poor behavior was amazing to see at many sites. Especially sites that are generally conservative but believe in letting the dead rest. Just look at Right Thinking From the Left Coast. His views were not the republican standard by any means, and he was treated vilified by commenters for having a belief that they couldn't even logically argue. Go and look at the postings around the time of the linked one.

I understand an emotional response to all of this, but the total lack of civility and total refusal to use any logic is just astounding. This is obvious proof that the far right is just as bad as the far left, and in some respects worse.

I must say I'm very happy that this is all done. Now maybe we'll hear less from the screwballs and have civil commentary and some real debate on issues.

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