Thursday, April 21, 2005

France Supports China

As near as I can tell, France has spent the last thousand years making life hell for as much of the world as it could. Yes, they supported us in our revolution, but that was just in order to assist them in making hell for Great Britain. Reading about their behavior (and GB's, Italy's, Japan's) during the peace negotiations after WWI (almost done with Illusion of Victory) then to follow that up by this little bit of information, not much has changed. I'm pretty much of the opinion that the next time anyone is interested in taking over France, up to, and including, Osama Bin Ladin, we let them have it. It's not like they would be worse allies to us or bigger enemies to freedom and fairness in the world than France is currently. Wankers.

Oh, and got this from Instapundit.

UPDATE: May as well add more thoughts from others on this one. It's too messed up. I went and did more research on the relationship because it's too, too wrong.

Joint military operations last year. I wonder if the French brought out their Aircraft Carrier (snicker)

Oh, and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is lovely.
French Ties

More if I find anything worth sharing.


More. I want one of these t-shirts. I think the screw into the French flag.
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Nylarthotep said...

Saw this exact same article this AM. Sodding Crapeau. I'm sure this will make up for the agitation they are causing with the EU constitution.

At this point I think NATO is completely doomed and that it should be abolished. Let the EU defend itself. Our having bases over there isn't doing us any good any longer, and there isn't any reason that we should continue being the big stick for their soft talk.

Granted said...

Agreed. The Balkans are still a bloody mess and will likely explode into nasty sectarian violence again within the next decade. Stay out of it and watch how France handles it should be our basic approach.