Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Future: A Culture of Brats

I've seen a few articles lately about this topic. I'm just getting the idea that when I'm an old man, I'll need to carry a gun all of the time. The reason, children and the huge lack of discipline out in the world today. I'm sorry, but I don't believe that the PC concepts are working. Matter of fact, they appear to me to be failing miserably.

Some legislation that appears to be looking in the right direction is the Tennessee Bullying Law. It looks to be that they are at least trying something. Maybe someone has finally come to the conclusion that the killers at Columbine and Red Lake had a reason for cracking. But of course we all know that guns were the problem there, not that someone bullied the killers into an emotional Hell.

Also look at the level of threats of school shootings that have been occurring. This, this, this, are from a google search on "school shooting" for today's news. I didn't list all that I found. No doubt most of these news reports don't show anything that would likely turn into real incidents, but the fact that these threats are occurring indicates a problem.

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