Friday, April 22, 2005

Armenian Genocide

I'm not sure why the Germans desire the Turks to come out and take the blame for this. I personally do believe that the Ottomans/post WW1 Turks did intentionally act to purge the Armenians. I don't know how anyone can, from a non-partisan position, think that this wasn't an attempt at genocide. Estimates of 1.5 million deaths, many which were directly attributed to the Turks in the forms of massacres, strike me as telling.

The Germans state:
"We don't want to want to put the Turkish government on trial," CDU representative Christoph Bergner said. Instead, the goal is to "invite our Turkish friends and partners" to come to terms with the past.
And the Turks:
But Turkey's ambassador to Germany, Mehmet Ali Irtemcelik, condemned the planned resolution as containing "countless factual errors" and said it was being written "in agreement with propaganda efforts of fanatic Armenians."
Is this topic being used to keep Turkey out of the EU? If not directly, it definitely appears to sour what already is an obvious reticence on the part of many EU countries to have Turkey join.

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