Thursday, April 14, 2005

European State Building

You know how the Europeans are telling us how we're doing everything wrong in Iraq? Well, here's the model that I think they want us to work from. Doesn't look terribly promising. Let's see, in more twelve years they've managed to, mostly, slow down the killing, but are still in full occupation mode with very few, if any, of the transitional authorities supplanted by natively elected democratic governments. Where as, in our, really bad, according to the Europeans, administration of Iraq, we turned over the transitional government in just over one year and held elections for a native government in less than two. I don't know, but I think we should stick to our methods.

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Nylarthotep said...

How many decades will this example of euro-incompetence take to produce a peaceful resolution. Europe screwed this thing up from the start by wall sitting and trying the sanction/negotiation walk. That produced more deaths and destruction than I care to think about. The US dragged their feet for a long time as well, but finally stood up and went into action. Of course, the mistake of handing it all over to UN Euro peace keepers just to left it in a mess.

Countries like France want to be equal power brokers in the world, but that appears to mean that they want to be able to talk about problems, not actually do anything about them. The former French colonial actions in the past few years have been at least actions, but they haven't provided many actual resolutions to the problems.

I can't see why these countries can't see that talking at a problem only works rarely. When it doesn't you can only talk so long and then action must be taken.