Saturday, April 09, 2005

Married with kids makes you conservative?

A very interesting take on voting, conservatism and kids. The GeekWife just read this one over my shoulder and she agrees with it all. I'm still not buying the "worrying about how decadent our culture is" line. However, as the GeekWife pointed out to me, we monitor what our kids see on TV in an effort to protect them from some of the extreme stuff out there. I'm talking stuff like Jackass or MTV in general, not sex & violence, although we monitor for that as well. Reading the report, you wonder just how the Dems are going to snag this vote:

Parenthood is a life-transforming experience.
It changes behavior in predictable ways. When
people become parents, they become more
closely connected to family and community,
more religiously observant, and more likely to
turn out to vote. They begin to think about where
to find affordable housing in safe neighborhoods
with good schools. They worry about protecting
their kids from the lure of crime and drugs and
the menace of gang violence and sexual predators
on the Internet.

Take our situation, we're pro-choice, believe in absolutely equal treatment for all minorities, gay marriage... We're also pro-gun, believe in personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism and a Jacksonian foreign policy. Our voting wavers depending on what we see as the greatest current danger. So, while I'd love to see gay marriage enacted, it takes a back seat to protecting the second amendment or stomping on radical Islam. As long as the Dems keep running people like Gore, Kerry, & Ms. Clinton, they're unlikely to get our vote.
It's stuff like this that I have hard time buying into, left or right:
Today’s parents are up
against a culture industry that has become even
more aggressive and resourceful in its marketing
of extreme violence and casual sex to kids.

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