Thursday, April 21, 2005

Boston Globe and the Seals

I had no idea that the paper knew the reporter wasn't on location but ran the story anyway. Holy smokes. Can't wait to use this one on my Mother-In-Law (aka: "If It's In the Globe It's True. If It's Not In The Globe, It Didn't Happen." I generally use her name since her nickname is kind of long).


dax said...

Oh, come now! They "meant well" and besides, no Iraqui children suffered because of the article.

Nylarthotep said...

No No you won't win that argument. It will never even get stated. She'll just believe you are a monster that supports the killing of little baby seals.

I seem to remember that little conversation we all had on the Schaivo case that somehow seemed to turn to my "supporing" keeping her on the tube. Even though we were discussing what had been done to prove (or not) what exactly Schaivo's brain function levels were.

They shoot seals these days? I always thought that they clubbed them to death. What do they use? Something like the WW1 humane horse killer?