Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ratzinger as Pope

This article essentially has nothing nice to say, but that was what I was looking for. Find some of the hardest comments first, then find the redeeming qualities. The best part is that he lead the Inquisition in 1981. I just got laughing seeing him and Monty Python with the "Comfy Pillows."

After reading a couple of articles from the American MSM I'm pretty sure "Joe the Rat" will be bad for the church in America. I could be wrong, but someone that was an enforcer in the church will not likely be popular here. The church already has been viewed as abusive through all the scandals, I don't see him as being given much of a chance.

Well, at 78 hopefully he won't have time to do much damage.

UPDATE: There is an awful lot of people bashing the pope already. For some reason his being forced into the Hitler youth seems to be central to the problem. The MSM have their knives out already. Guess I was more than right about his not getting a chance.

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