Friday, April 15, 2005

Can You Spell Scumbag Boys and Girls?

Ok, the title is a bit offensive, but it's the first thing to leapt to mind when I read about this piece of crap. And I'm only referring to the American in this case.
The indictment in Manhattan federal court named David B. Chalmers Jr., sole shareholder of Houston-based Bayoil (USA) Inc., and oil traders Ludmil Dionissiev, a Bulgarian citizen and permanent U.S. resident, and John Irving, a British citizen.

It accused them of paying millions of dollars in secret kickbacks to Saddam's regime between mid-2000 and March 2003, thus cheating the oil-for-food program of at least $100 million in funds that should have gone for humanitarian aid. It calls for the company and three men to pay back at least that amount of money.
I'll admit it's sheer conjecture, but the actions of this scumbag could very likely (IMAO) contributed to American deaths in Iraq. Hard to tell if the sanctions, if fully enforced, would have worked, but this guy knowingly participated in bypassing the law. Yeah, yeah, innocent until proven guilty. Then the flogging.

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