Sunday, April 24, 2005

China and Japan Tiff

This is a rather odd situation. Japan has been vilifying China (rightly) for it's Taiwan policy. Now China is vilifying how Japan teaches history to its children. In action, Chinese citizens are destroying "Japanese" businesses in China. (Only problem there is that they are Japanese style facilities owned by Chinese citizens. How clever.)

Makes you wonder why they are so very upset. If it hadn't been for the Japanese, the present government may not have ever come to be. The Japanese were monsters during WWII, no argument there, but that was all finished quite a while ago. It would almost be like America being upset about Germany changing their text books to lessen the atrocities that they committed. (They have already changed the texts, just the Allies didn't start destroying German companies in their countries.)

It's obvious that Japan sees that they have a lot to lose from problems with China, but China doesn't seem to see that they will lose quite a lot themselves.

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