Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Senate Committee on Bolton

Anyone catch the hearing yesterday or excerpts on the news?

The mix of reporting out there draws right along political lines. What a shock.

The meeting I saw on the idiot box was one of the most uncivil sets I've seen. John Kerry belittling the republicans as "going into this blind" was just humorous in that, IMAO he is going into this with his head up a certain lower body function orifice. [Yes, I think Kerry is an imbecile.] He then went on to berate the committee when the meeting spun out of control. He helped with that more than he'll ever admit to.

I'll say for the record, I don't like Bolton. He may be what is needed, but having a diplomatic position filled by a person with no obvious control of his temper to people he disagrees with is just stupid. Can we expect him to be banging the table with a shoe if he dislikes how a UN session topic is running? I personally have worked for people like Bolton, and do presently. If any of my bosses pulled the level of abuse I've heard reported on me, he would have had an accident with several flights of stairs. [Because one flight just isn't satisfying enough.]

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Granted said...

John Kerry acting like a boob? No. That's just not possible. It's not like the guy went to Nicaragua and spoke with the rebels, came back and talked about how they weren't communist at the same time as the rebels were meeting with their backers in the USSR. Oh... He did? Never mind.

Yeah, as a manager, I agree with the John Bolton analysis. But honestly, I'd like to see someone standing up in some of those diplomats faces and pounding his shoe on the table. It'd certainly give them something real to complain about for once.

BTW, I hate managers like that too. I've only run into two of them in my life. One I chased down a hallway until he ducked back into his office and locked the door. The other was a chief in the Navy who like to thump us really hard on the chest. I just looked at him the one time he did it to me. He walked away and never did it again. I can look a bit scary sometimes.