Sunday, April 17, 2005

PETA Still Clueless

PETA wants it to be illegal to chain a dog.

PETA argues the timing is right, saying a lot of people don't understand the link between chained dogs and aggressive attacks.

PETA must want everyone to have 10 foot high fences to keep their dogs in. Of course, dogs will dig under fences also. Or you could just not have a dog. They also miss some natural activity of dogs. They form packs. You think a chain dog is aggressive, put a dozen of them on the lose together and see how aggressive they are. People are terrified of coyotes and tales of children attacked by them. What would that come to if lose dogs pack together and start killing children?

Of course the billboard plan that they originally planned has been scrapped. Maybe they finally realize that pissing people off doesn't help their plans.

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