Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sgrena Checkpoint Incident Not US Forces Fault

I'm not surprised by this finding since it was reported a few weeks ago that this was the finding. Apparently Sgrena is appalled.

Sgrena reacted strongly to the reported findings of the U.S. military investigation.

"It is worse that I thought," she said. "Now they're saying it is not their fault."

I really want to see the report.

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Granted said...

Tell that (demonstrably) communist bitch to shut the f' up. Damn. I know all the facts aren't out on this, but the facts that are, the ones from her own mouth, pretty much exonerate our boys. The Italian military didn't alert ours that an operation was underway. They were speeding on one of the most violent roads in the country. They didn't stop when challenged... I want to read the report too.