Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Reason not to Shop at Best Buy

This one is from GeekWithA.45.

I've pretty much stopped trying to fight companies on this information. I just generally give them obviously incorrect information. I also ensure that the information is just for their records before I will give them the false information. Though I usually will try just refusing to give them the information first. It is a benefit of paying with cash.

And there is the lesson about not dealing with shitty companies.


Granted said...

Posted my Best Buy horror story there. That place just sucks. Circuit City is where we go now. They're almost the same, in terms of huge box store mentality, but they've had very good customer service the whole time I've dealt with them, on minor stuff.

I think I'll have to start using 508-123-4567 as my phone number at these places and 1313 Mockingbird Lane as my address.

Granted said...

Found this one:

geekwife said...

My kids, who are only 6, chant "Evil Best Buy! Evil Best Buy" over and over with great delight and vehemence whenever we pass a store. And I do mean pass, as I will never again step inside one.