Friday, April 15, 2005

Clinton: Less Accepting than Advertised?

The latest little kerfluffle from Bill Clinton involved what looks like gay baiting. Salon had this to say:

At the very least, you might have felt your blood boil over Clinton's apparent willingness to abandon his principles in the service of political expediency.


Clinton's principles?




Oh, my


But seriously


Oops starting to choke on that one.

Come on now. Like him and what he did for, or to, the country or not, you have to admit, he had almost nothing resembling a principle on display during his entire time in office. Why on earth would anyone be shocked that he's working around the edges of stuff to assist his wife in positioning herself in the center of the political spectrum in order to win the Presidency? How can you possibly be even remotely upset by this?

Salon really does do a good job of investigating this little story and they point out exactly why it's important. Worth a read, but that was the only really funny bit.


ashley said...

You are right. Although Clinton was a good president, his "activities" with Monica Lewinsky prove that he has no morals

Nylarthotep said...

Pretty well structured article. Except for this little bit:

"Clinton could also have been riffing on the tension between Finkelstein's personal life and his public persona; it is, after all, genuinely difficult to understand someone like Finkelstein, who works for a party that wants to constitutionally prohibit his way of life."

The constitutional amendment, as foolish as it is, isn't trying to prohibit any part of gays way of life. Just not allow marriage in the same stock as between a hetrosexual couple. Why did they have to put that bit of nonsense into it all.

I guess Clinton hadn't much real to attack Finkelstein about. He seems to stay back from the front lines more than most. I've only heard little things periodically.

Glad your post warned me about that statement. I probably would have snarfed my beer if I had read that unwarned.

Granted said...

Holy cow a comment. Hi Ashley.

I honestly don't care what or how Clinton used/abused Monica Lewinsky. It's the man's two faced, let's get a poll, approach to leadership that crawled up my spine. He got elected on a blatant support for gays in the military (being ex-military and knowing a few gay guys while I was there, I feel I can speak from authority) and then reneging on the promise and instituting the punitive "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that shows his complete lack of a moral center. You may not like George Bush, but you can rest assured he's not making most of his decisions based on polling or he'd have abandoned the social security initiative about 36 hours after proposing it.

Granted said...

"Glad your post warned me about that statement. I probably would have snarfed my beer if I had read that unwarned."

Yeah, and what do you think I did the mouth full of salad while I was reading this at lunch? Getting bits of lettuce out of a keyboard is a real pain the tucas.