Wednesday, March 30, 2005

UN in Charge of the Internet?

This blog entry by Captain's Quarter is very interesting. The article he links I link above and it's an interview with Houlin Zhao. He seems to be of the opinion that the ITU should be controlling the internet. Just what we need, a corrupt backward organization in charge of a system that looks to be doing just fine right now.

Zhao's responses are pretty poor on every question. Or maybe I was just expecting a more technically clued in official. He has some concerns that I just can't see the UN making any changes in, such as spam and security. Things that nations can't control now, I can't see them changing. As to freedom of speech, I don't see that they will have any control or effect at all. I may be wrong, but I would like someone show me how they've increased freedom of speech in China in any way at all.

Oh, and big surprise, he considers the US governments involvement in the internet as being a problem. Could be, but then they funded the origination of what evolved to be the internet. Maybe they shouldn't have any say in addressing or naming, but if the US government shouldn't be involved, the UN shouldn't be allowed either.

I don't like the thought of another layer of crap on top of the work groups of the IETF and other technical standards groups already in existence. They appear to work quite well at this time.

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