Friday, March 18, 2005

More Violence

Letters from Salon's article on violence in the media. Sometimes letters on Salon are like reading very well written parodies. Only thing is, they're usually someone's honest opinion, which, makes them twice as funny.


Nylarthotep said...


Let's see.
Feminist because of violent tv shows.
"Bootleg masculinity" I found especially trite and intentionally insulting.
"Teaching our kids meditation and control over their impulses" seemed rather idealistic in a vaguely naive manner.
Vapid comments like "Probably, Sometimes." Then affirming that the violent videogames cause aggressive behavior. (No thought that it may be the other way around.)
And the others which were just funny because you can see these people's heads spinning around.

And no real comments supporting the review. Well, kind of tells you who mostly reads salon. I don't so I'm just making an assumption based on the comments.

Granted said...

Very safe assumption on the readership of Salon. I think I'm the exception that proves the rule.