Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Minnesota School Shooting

Another school shooting with a similar M.O. as the rest.

Let's see. Goth - Black Clothes - Quiet - Picked on by others.

Witnesses said 15-year-old Jeff Wiese - a tall, quiet loner who was teased about his looks - smiled as he gunned down helpless victims.
So what set him off on the killing spree. Must have been the ready availability of guns since his grandfather was a police officer. If not that is had to have been the black clothes/goth thing which is an obvious sign of a psycho killer. Couldn't have anything to do with his being picked on. Not to mention the stability level of this kid couldn't have been great. Father committed suicide and mother in a nursing home with brain injuries from a car accident. So if you're going to pick on someone, pick the unstable person who has access to guns.

The American Indian Movement spokesman has something totally irrelevant to add with this choice nugget.
Clyde Bellecourt, head of the American Indian Movement, called the shootings "tragic" but part of a pattern of "growing violence and crime" on the reservation. "It has to do with drugs, the flood of casino-related money flowing into the region, and the rise of Indian gangs," he said.
I'm sure this statement is relevant. I don't see mention of gangs anywhere in here.

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Granted said...

It's that notorious American Indian gang the National Democratic Socialists, AKA, Nazis. You have to be a seriously messed up individual to subscribe to Nazism in the first place. How much more messed up do you have to be when you're one of the "mud people" and you subscribe to Nazism? What a mess.