Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Port Security and Radiation Detectors

This one again is from Schneier. He has an interesting perspective, but I disagree partially to his conclusion. The comments are interesting, but some are way off on reality. I went overboard with my comment and it's almost a tome.

Having worked 13 years in the nuclear field and using all forms of radiation detectors, I am confident that my analysis is more than accurate. Especially as relating to what the actions are taken when the large area detectors come up with a positive indication of radioactive material.

I'm a bit snarky about the comments related to complacency. I don't believe I was ever complacent with respect to radioactive material in all the years I worked with it. There is something about professionalism and vigilance around dangerous materials that keeps a person from complacency.

Go and read for yourself.

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