Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Cox and Forkum have an interesting piece here. The article they link is also quite disturbing.

Overall, I think China has been playing poorly on the world scene. Their aggression toward Taiwan, their complete lack of effort on solving North Korea, their obstructionism in the UN security council with regards to Iran, all point to irresponsibility.

Taiwan is now a major economic partner to the mainland, yet they continue to saber-rattle with regards to an island they haven't controlled in more than five decades.

North Korea is a major rogue state nestled into their side. How can allowing them to threaten the whole pacific Asian sector be of any benefit. Other than it forces the US to seek their assistance and maybe boosts their egos. I can't imagine the US allowing something like this, and I know the former USSR had more control over adjacent states before they collapsed.

Support for Iran doesn't square up either. Especially seeing that they are one of the largest oil consumers from that area, it would benefit them to ensure that Iran at least stabilized and stopped being a threat to its neighbors. China's dependence on this oil will only increase with time and by choosing appeasement of Iran won't solve future threats to their needs.

Overall, I think China is leading the world into conflicts that it is allowing and which it will do nothing to stop.

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