Monday, March 14, 2005

TSA Still Dragging Their Feet in Arming Pilots

4500 out of 95,000 can now carry guns. Less than 5% can carry guns.

Still sounds like the TSA is doing all it can to limit who can carry for pilots.

My favorite bit in the article:
Mackett said the psychological testing and background checks are unnecessary because pilots already have been carefully vetted by their airlines to be able to fly commercial jets.

Hatfield countered that the requirements are needed because of the unique stresses of defending a plane from terrorists while trying to fly it.

"All of the testing, including the psych portion, is designed to ensure we have the most capable candidates for this extremely demanding job," he said.

"Unlike other law enforcement jobs, it's not just about making a life-or-death decision and waiting for backup. It's about making that decision and then turning around and flying the plane again."
No extra stress with having to fend off attacker bare handed and then have to fly. Don't you think the pilot would have less stress if they were armed? I know I would be.

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