Friday, March 25, 2005

Iraqi War "Resister" Refused Canadian Asylum

Resister? Resister!?
In a written ruling awaited keenly by dozens of other U.S. war resisters believed to have come to Canada, at least seven of whom have filed similar claims, adjudicator Brian Goodman concluded Jeremy Hinzman, 26, had not made his case.

"Removal to the U.S. would not subject [the Hinzman family] personally to a risk to their lives or to a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment," said the ruling, posted on the board's website. [emphasis mine]
Well, looks like the DESERTERS will be coming home. Home will be Leavanworth, Kansas if they receive justice.

I also like how he is so heroically acclaimed:
"I assumed this would be the outcome, prior to the hearing, when it was deemed that the illegality of the war was irrelevant," he told several dozen cheering, banner-waving supporters.

Asked about his next move, Mr. Hinzman said: "I feel fine. I'm going to have a good three-day weekend with my family, I'm going to go running on Saturday, and start an appeal process on Monday."

That will mean asking the Federal Court to review the board's decision.

Mr. Hinzman, who now works as a bicycle courier, drew international attention after he deserted the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, N.C., 14 months ago and fled to Toronto, just days before his unit was deployed to Iraq.

At his three-day refugee hearing in December, he contended that if he killed or injured anyone in Iraq his actions would amount to atrocities because the conflict was illegal, and hence criminal.
Now with luck he'll be Uncle Sugar's guest for a maximum of five years.

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Granted said...

Oh boy, are they going to have fun with him in Leavenworth. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.