Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Minute Man Project

The Minute Man Project looks to be an interesting phenomenon that we really haven't seen before. I think the president does them a disservice by calling them vigilantes though. To date it looks like they are less vigilante like than most neighborhood watches. Of course, they have a whole month to change that view.

There website is quite clear on what activities that they will perform. Essentially, "spot and report" is what they say. No doubt there will be a few who think differently, but from the sounds of how things are going, they probably won't have a chance to do anything else.

The Border Patrol officials are whining loudly to say the least. Complaints of detectors being set off and the like. Not sure that I care about that. This area is the largest smuggling hole in the south-west, and these people standing there are doing more to stop intrusions than the border patrol has. Not to mention that it's legal for these people to be there, so I don't see that they have any valid complaints.

The biggest complaint I've heard, is about guns. I'll keep it simple, if they can legally carry in that state, there isn't any reason that they shouldn't. You don't like it? Stay away. I'm quite certain that the organizers have made it perfectly clear that they want no interactions with anyone who is in the act of violating the border. Their website is quite clear on this. And, if they are to make any point at all with this project, they have to come out of it as clean as possible.

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