Thursday, December 09, 2004

Women in the Combat Role

Been reading the NRO posting on Women in combat. Interesting perspective. I'm not fully convinced though. I agree that there are many roles in the military that woman can do just as well as men. This includes pilots for combat or support and many billets in the Navy. But when it comes to the combat units I'm skeptical. Not all men can do the things necessary to be a combat soldier, but less women can.

I guess I'm thinking primarily of the physical aspects. Because of the greater muscle mass men can carry themselves and their kit much more easily than women. Not all, but most. Look at what the typical soldier carries into combat. More than 88 pounds in warm weather gear. They are expected to move this in combat. Ever try that? I have, and it SUCKS. I don't doubt that some women can do it. I just don't think that military preparedness should ever suffer for someone's need for political correctness.

Everyone needs to get it clear in their minds that the combat soldier is a sword not a rock. Yeah a rock may be able to kill, but a sword does a much cleaner and effective job. When we force substance's personnel into combat units, we start risking their lives and other soldiers lives for the sake of being politically correct. Is your kid's life worth being PC?

Similar issues have been argued about woman as firefighters. America's Debate has a discussion commentary on this. Again I'm not convinced for a strong pro or con stand, but it's an area where the effectiveness of the unit must be paramount. I've seen some sites complaining about women not getting up in the management of fire departments because of the unfair numbers of men in the job. Well, let's see, mostly men do this dangerous job, so mostly men move up. If there are women that are as qualified as the men for promotion, then there is no reason that they shouldn't be promoted. But don't whine about the numbers not matching the percentages in the regular population.

Back to the military.

If a woman can do the job, then she should be allowed to. I don't believe the line about eros. Also I don't think the band of brothers philia stuff is isolated only to unisex groups. Mr. Owens doesn't sell me here. I will look for evidence of what he claims, but since he doesn't reference resources, I'll have to do the leg work. I do think that mixed sex units will have issues due to sexuality. These are young men and women. Don't try and sell me on that friction won't occur with women integrated in a unit compared to units that are unisex.

Well, off to look for some information on integrated groups.

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