Saturday, December 11, 2004

Another Political Appointee Eliminated by Illegal Nanny

Bernard Kerik apparently has hired a Nanny/Housekeeper that is an illegal immagrant. So another Nanny eliminates a good choice for a Political Appointee. This time the secratary of Homeland Security.

Remember Zoe Baird?
How about Linda Chavez? Nominee for Secreatary of Labor for Bush's first Term? Had been using an illegal immagrant for babysitting and odd jobs.

Then there was Michael Huffington who was a big supporter of Proposition 187 (Save Our State) in Califorinia back in 1994. He was called a hypocrite because he had used an illegal alien as a nanny for 5 years.

Question: Can't these people find a legal Nanny and pay the taxes the right way?

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Hinky said...

Good question. The immagration system (and American Economy) is geared to encourage this kind of labor, while the tax system makes it hard to afford a nanny. It costs about 30k per year all in for a nanny. That is NOT tax deductable like a Korean car (or any car) you buy with a home equity loan, or a DVD player, or a beach house in Mexico. In most cases, having a babysitter so the wife (typically) can work requires that the wife make more than 30k, a lot more.
These people who get caught are in the public eye. The should know better, plan better, and try to lie better... . It's a funny thing, like something Joseph Heller dreamed up for Catch 22. Good point!