Sunday, December 12, 2004

More on Islam and Europe

Here's a long article on the standing of Islam in Europe.

There are some very baffling examples of "tolerance" that have been forced on European societies.

Such as:

In Britain, a judge has agreed to prohibit Hindus and Jews from sitting on a jury in the trial of a Muslim. [I wonder if there is reciporcity for Jews and Hindus not having to have Muslims in thier juries.]

The British Commission for Racial Equality has ordained that businesses must provide prayer rooms for Muslims and pay them for their absences on religious holidays.

In a town in the Midlands, a proposal to renovate a hundred-year-old statue of a pig was rejected for fear of giving offense to Muslims.

The British Council, an international organization for cultural relations, fired a staff member who published articles in the Sunday Telegraph arguing that the roots of terror and jihad were nourished in the soil of Islam, while the BBC canceled the contract of a popular television journalist for allegedly using negative language to describe the Muslim Arab contribution to mankind

This goes along with all the tolerance and political correctness that has been spewing out of Europe. Now they look to be paying for it.

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