Monday, December 13, 2004

MoDo Gets it Wrong (Again)

Well MoDo (Maureen Dowd) strikes again with her complete lack of a clue.
(Could someone Please rent her one.)

Rummy, however, did not hesitate to give the back of his hand to soldiers about to go risk their lives someplace he didn't dare to go.

Let's see. Rumsfeld gave an honest and realistic response. That is a back hand? And was Iraq someplace he should be? I'd say no. Especially since it's his job to run the military not be a Walmart greeter in Iraq. Nice thought to go there and see what is happening, but if it's dangerous, taking the unnecessary risks is stupid and staying out doesn't make him scared or cowardly. It shows he's responsible.

Rummy told the soldier: "As you know, you go to war with the army you have."
It wouldn't make a good Army slogan, and it was a lousy answer, especially when our kids are getting blown up every day in a war ginned up on administration lies. Remember when the president promised in the campaign that the troops would have all the body armor they needed?

Apparently MoDo still hasn't bothered to pick up a book on either history or military strategy. Rumsfeld's answer wasn't reassuring, but it was honest. And MoDo forgets to mention that by various reports estimates of the Humvee's that have been armored range from 60% to 78%. Pretty good considering that they are jury rigging something that was never intended for the vehicle.

Well, you can read MoDo's BS. I like to keep in touch with the MSM MoonBats periodically to reassure myself that the USA is on the right track.

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