Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Star Wars" Test Fails

Well, another failure. I'd hate to be working on this project. Sounds much to difficult a problem for the time their trying to make this system in.

It's a bit aggravating not being able to find any real information. All news reports essentially identical accounts.

That incredible site for pessimism and flawed facts Common Dreams has a tirade over the alledged MIT fraud related to the missile defense system.

If the particular allegations of fraud have merit -- and I believe they do -- MIT and the Pentagon have been involved in a fraud that has promoted a weapon system that will have little or no utility and could cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Of even greater importance, millions of lives could be lost if this weapon system failed to defend our nation from a nuclear ballistic missile attack.

Well, millions will die if it's never developed and we're attacked.

I can see the concern for MIT getting its act straight. I still haven't seen any reported facts about exactly what they are supposed to be doing fraudulently.

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