Thursday, December 09, 2004

In The Begining There Was Chaos

Good morning all,

Just Starting to try a Blog.
Hell, I can't sound any more foolish than a lot of the bloggers out there.

I'm politically Independant/Libertarian, I don't tend to fall to neatly in either of the big bins that the USA has for politicos.
Religion, Ummm. Taoist Heathen. [heh, translate, none of your business.]
Profession, Presently I'm working in the Information Security feild for a security device vendor. I've previously worked as a Health Physicist. That's the nuclear world.

Well, I suppose I'll be ranting here soon. Nice place to void the intellectual bowls where no one can bother me. If you don't like what I have to say, tell me. But don't neccessarily expect a response. I'm only playing here and have no plans at present to be one of the blog gods.

As to making money, never going to try it here. I have a job that requires most of my time, so this is supposed to be fun. I'm also going to try and learn something with this as I go along.

This will certainly get more interesting as we go along.

Nylarthotep (The Crawling Chaos)