Friday, December 10, 2004


ELF [Earth Liberation Front] is a radical domestic terrorist group that is rarely heard about in the MSM. Not really there fault, since they don’t act very often, but when they do it’s destructive.

ELF article by Wikipedia is pretty good. They’ve been in the news again lately with this. I wonder if they even thought about the environmental damage that they would be causing by these arsons since more than likely the run off from the firefight probably made its way to the bog that they so much want to defend.

Accuracy in Academia has an interesting article related to how colleges are giving these terrorists a friendly platform from which to proselytize . I can understand academic freedom, but isn’t this promotion of felonious acts? You have colleges and universities that don’t allow military or government recruitment, but they allow this? What am I missing here?

This goes along with the genius who thought up tree spiking. The mental midget at this site seems to think it "fun." Of course the consequences of it killing someone isn't a problem to them. Fortunately, most of the bigger timber companies now employ metal detectors that check the logs as they come in. When a nail is found they just pull it out and keep going. Technology beats the terrorists this time.

Oh by the way, tree spiking is illegal.
Here is some extra points of view from
Also, Here is info from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base. on ELF and ALF.

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