Friday, December 01, 2006

UN Human Rights Commission - WTF

This is just pathetic.

A United Nations commission to investigate “flagrant violations” of Human rights by Israel has determined and recommended that Israel should be forced to compensate for damage inflicted in Lebanon during the month-long summer campaign instigated by a Hizballah attack into Israel.

While making no mention of the over 4,000 Hizballah rockets and missiles fired intentionally into Israeli towns to kill Israeli civilians, the commission was mandated to investigate what the UN Human Rights Commission termed the Israelis’ “systematic targeting and killing” of Lebanese civilians.

Commission member Stelios Perrakis attempted to dismiss criticism that the inquiry and resultant report produced was completely one-sided by saying, “Of course it (the report) was not one-sided, it was within the limits imposed by the mandate.” But any report on civilian attacks during the summer war that does not include 4,000 terrorist rockets slamming civilians by design cannot be taken seriously.

But this is the track to be expected of a UN Human Rights Commission has formally condemned and/or made findings against Israel no less than 5 times in 2006, while the whole of the world’s other human rights concerns have netted 0. A nation surrounded by terrorists who incessantly attack it gets the UNHRC’s undivided attention. Somewhere, there are mullahs and brutal dictators of various stripes smiling.

If there were a UN Human Rights Commission scorecard, for 2006 it would look something like the following:

2006 UNHRC Official Scorecard

5 Evil Zionists
0 Sudan
0 Iran
0 China
0 Zimbabwe
0 Remainder, Planet Earth

Yep, the only findings they have come up with have to deal with Israel. Wonder when they will actually start looking somewhere else? Israel has had it's issues no doubt, but can the UN commission honestly make no other findings in all the other conflicts or troubled regions. How should the world view this? You know the Islamic world that hates Israel think it's just wonderful. You'd hope the rest of the world takes note. Though, you have to admit, there isn't anything they can do about it. Wonder how these commissioners come about there jobs. Betting their appointees from countries that approve of their activities.

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