Friday, December 08, 2006

Do Nothing Congress

This is RICH.
Majority Leader-Elect Steny H. Hoyer (MD), who represents all of southern Md., made the following remarks today at a press conference with Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Congressman David Obey (D-WI), Chairman-elect of the Appropriations Committee:

"Good morning. Anyone who has attended one of my weekly pen and pad briefings during the last year has probably heard me criticize what I have called the 'Do-Less-Than-Do-Nothing Congress.'

"On paper, there is no dispute that this is true. The fact is that we have not addressed the needs of the American people through legislative action.

"It is only appropriate that the 'Do-Less-Than-Do-Nothing Congress' ends by doing nothing. No minimum wage increase. No immigration reform. No legislation expanding access to health care. We failed to enact the 9/11 commission recommendations. We failed to enact a budget, and Congressional Republicans will boot the remaining nine spending bills into the new year with a continuing resolution.

"The American people sent a message on November 7th. We heard it. And, in the next Congress we are prepared to lead, govern effectively and get results. That is what our 'Six for '06' agenda is all about - and that is what the American people have every right to expect.

"First and foremost, we will change the way things are done in Washington. We will restore civility and integrity to our legislative process, and transparency and accountability to our government. We also will reach across the aisle and seek bipartisan consensus whenever possible. Second, we will work with the president and our Republican colleagues to forge a new direction in Iraq because our strategy is not working. And third, we will address the concerns and issues that affect the lives of working families.

Does Hoyer honestly think that all of the public believes this tripe? The Dems have been in blocking mode for years and to complain now that the congress isn't doing anything is just demented.

As for the restoration of civility, give me a god damn break. The incivility that existed was as much the fault of the Dems as it was the Repubs. I'd even postulate that the Dems were ahead on the slinging of vitriol on most occasions. Corruption? Right, you're all politicians, need I say more?

As for "reaching across the aisle," I'll believe it when I see it. Though they will have to since their numbers aren't sufficient to force legislation through.

Apparently the Dems have again chosen a shrill wind bag for their leadership.

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