Friday, December 15, 2006

MSM Complaining About Snow's "I Don't Know"

You'd think that these simps would find the honest answer informative. Especially when you read the moronic questions that Dana Milbank quotes from the press.
To paraphrase Howard Baker's immortal question: What didn't Tony Snow know, and when didn't he know it?

The answer: A lot, and frequently.

When will President Bush roll out his new Iraq policy? "We do not know," Snow said at yesterday's White House briefing.

When did Bush decide to postpone the speech? "I don't know exactly when," the president's press secretary said again.

Has everyone working on the policy read the Iraq Study Group report? "I don't know," came the refrain. "I'm assuming -- but I don't know."
Strikes me as there is a lot of complaining about Snow's answers, when there would be a lot more constructive activity if the press didn't ask so many bloody stupid questions.

As for Snow's answer, well, if he doesn't know, what the hell do you want him to do, make up an answer?

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