Friday, December 15, 2006

Ghoulish Politics

Yeah, I know the politicos have to consider what could happen, but the amount of press related to this has been nauseating.
Democratic Senator Tim Johnson lay in critical condition but was described as recovering yesterday after emergency overnight surgery to repair bleeding inside his brain. His illness raised questions over whether the Democrats would hold their newly won control of the Senate.

Johnson was on "an uncomplicated postoperative course," the US Capitol physician said after visiting the 59-year-old South Dakota lawmaker yesterday afternoon. Johnson had a hemorrhage in his brain caused by a rare and sometimes fatal condition.

"He has been appropriately responsive to both word and touch. No further surgical intervention has been required," said the physician, Admiral John Eisold. He had said earlier, "The senator is recovering without complication."

Johnson was responding to the voice of his wife, Barbara, and following directions after the surgery, the senator's office said in a statement. "He was reaching for and holding her hand."

Johnson was stricken as Democrats prepared to take a 51-to-49 majority in the new Senate when it convenes next month. Democrats seized control of both chambers of Congress from Republicans in November midterm elections.

If Johnson were to leave office, a replacement would be named by South Dakota's Republican governor, Mike Rounds. A Republican appointee would create a 50-50 tie and effectively allow the GOP to retain Senate control because of Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking vote.
Don't you think it would be better to just wait a little bit to see how he does before making plans?

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