Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Polonium Spy

This came out on the Corner. It's quite strange.

Update: Weirder, still, from a reader:
Here is another really weird thing. Besides the usual suspects, there is also an Italian angle. The Italian security expert who was exposed to Polonium is named Mario Scaramella.
Current Italian PM Romano Prodi has long been accused of haven been on the KGB payroll. This accusation was repeated in the so-called "Mitrokhin Archive". Litvinenko recently made statements that he believed the accusation to be correct, though it is unclear whether he had proof or more likely simply was repeating the earlier accusations and saying he thought they were true. The last Italian government held hearings on the Mitrokhin Archive. One of the consultants to the Italian hearings was Mario Scaramella.
This whole thing is too weird.

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